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Full Log Dormers

Neville Log North Homes have a way to make an age-old construction standard even better.

A gable is where the triangular sections of a pitched roof are bounded by the two roof slopes and the ridgepole. A dormer is the windowed area set vertically in a small gable projecting from a sloped roof.

They designed and built many different sizes of dormers and use “all-log” construction in building them. The main type of construction is Swedish-cope, which lends itself to strong yet attractive dormers.

On to the photos...

Interior photo of the riverhouse masterbath


7 feet wide x 10.5 feet tall.

This full-log dormer is from THE RIVER HOUSE plan. It is on the upper level and houses the master-bath. The home employs a second-story loft with the roofline coming down to the floor. By adding the dormer they have expanded the usable space and created a very attractive place to house a large and comfortable bathroom. The ceiling is high (10+ft.) and with the addition of drywall (on the framed, interior walls) we are able to have a bathroom that perfectly marries log and conventional construction.

pic2pic 3

another bathroom dormer                                                                        the owners of this home kept the purlin log running through the dormer 



pic 4
here is an exterior look at the dormers from the house shown above

log dormers can be designed for height and width

The melding of porch, gable, chimney and log dormer bring clean lines to this attractive lodge.

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