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 As a trademark in this ever-expanding world of log-home companies, Neville Log North’ is very proud of “THE LONG LOG ADVANTAGE®” as a sign of both structural and aesthetic integrity.

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The Long Log Advantage®                                                           Butt Joints

See the exceptional difference THE LONG LOG ADVANTAGE® will make in your log home.

The patented Log Forming machine can produce logs up to 60 feet long, with perfectly-consistent diameters from 7 to 18 inches.  These long logs eliminate the need for unnecessary "butt joints."  That advantage creates four major benefits:

Strength.     A long log is much stronger than two joined logs.

Insulation:  By eliminating butt joints, we eliminate a major source of possible air infiltration.

Efficiency:  With fewer individual logs to cover the same area, crews can finish faster, saving construction costs.

Beauty:       A solid log wall looks better-even more so over time, since butt-joined logs tend to move apart as a house settles. 

                     In addition,  longer logs allow longer ridge beams, purlins and joists. 


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