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Timber Harvesting

We Care About Trees


Neville Log North primarily use Engleman Spruce, with some Lodgepole, supplied by the logging operation in British Columbia.

The logs are derived from dead standing timbers, which are seasoned and dried naturally. This means that most of the shrinking and checking of the logs has already occurred when you receive them, greatly reducing any additional shrinkage, splitting, or warping of your logs in your new home. When a tree dies "on the vine" gravity goes to work pulling the sap and moisture out through the roots. This leaves air sacs which provide the element of insulation needed for maximum thermal mass effect. These species and method of harvest virtually eliminate "seeping sap" in your new home.

Environmentally-conscious through use of dead standing trees.

Logs graded by Timber Products, Inc. (T.P.I.)


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