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Log Roof Systems

Strength and Beauty

A full-log roof system is something to behold. In addition to bringing strength and character to a structure, it also defines the overall appearance of both the interior and exterior roof lines.    
The creation of a full-log home (log walls, roof system, porch etc.) is something we take great pride in. After seeing a finished Neville Log North Home, many clients have remarked, "you really can see a difference"....

examples of roof-systems


The Big Creek. This greatroom/dining room ceiling is a perfect example of an interior roof-system. Both the dramatic form and design of this room would not be possible without the use of these logs. The logs completely define both the structure and overall appearance of this home.

The Big Creek's exterior. There's a wide variety of things happening. The roof has a prominent prow; a vertical turret; an entry-way, featuring a log-truss and stone columns; and an extended garage on the right side. When you are designing and building a Neville Log North Home, if you can imagine it, they can make it happen.

This is an example of a 5 sided roof for an extraordinary greatroom.

3 (1)1.jpeg
The posts and longer logs used in this greatroom allow for a higher ceiling and expansive roof design.

3 (2).jpeg
These gables are all log. A full log roof system will create a dramatic and inviting atmosphere, inside and outside.

3 (3).jpeg
This is one view of the interior of the home shown above.

3 (4).jpeg
                A log roof system for a pool room makes for a good combination.

3 (5).jpeg
           This roof system is being put into place for a 1200 square foot, single level home.





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